Q: Can you help me with the content of my thesis/essay?
A: The academic mentoring we cover is aimed at any thesis or essay, report, written in a prose format. We deal with issues in academic writing that cross all content. We assist with achieving a structure, argument, line of thought, writing literature reviews, reading theory, citing correctly, writing a bibliography and dealing with blocks to writing.Should we have an available tutor in your field, advising on content is possible.
If you have any particular requests for skills not listed here please contact Bastienne Klein.

Q: My supervisor is away often, and I require support. Can you supervise my thesis?
A: No. We do not supervise student theses. We are able to assist you to write it, and can teach skills that will enable you to write in a appropriate academic style.

Q: Can you edit my thesis?
A: We do not do any editing work for students. Our core business is to mentor you to know how to do as much editing as possible for yourself, before a final proof read or edit by an outside editor. We are able to refer you to an editor, if that is a service you require.

Q: Can you fix up my thesis and rewrite it for me?
A: We do not write any work at all for students. We mentor students into writing their own work.